Wir bringen Ruhe & Erotik zum Punkt!


In that variety lies the desire.
We would like to advice of our erotic massages without any medical background and them also no invitation to sexual act. Rather the intensive contacts are to facilitate the relaxation and the emotional security.

For our massages we use only smell-free oils. In the background runs a calm sensual music. The showers already brought the first stress reduction. Before the massage begins, you are requested to shower at our place, so that the skin is clean and the pores are opened. So your skin is sensitized for the versatile contact.

Our ladies set value on hygiene and they are also always freshly showered!

Go through & enjoy!.

Body to Body Massage 
This massage proceed with a lot of body contact and mutual contacts. The Body ton of Body massage leads you of from active in the daily routine to a passive and intensive perception of the own body feelings. So you experience your desire and sensuality on a completely different way, surprisingly new way.
30 minutes 50 €
45 minutes 70 €
60 minutes 80 €

Tantra Massage
The Tantra massage is a sense ritual according to ancient Indian rituals.

Bodies, spirit and soul are attuned. The Tantra massage is very sensual, body closely and appreciatively. The body will be sensitized with tender hands, soft feathers and silk cloths. In addition warm water, smelling oils as well as further individual elements are used during the ritual. The contacts go from strong massage grasps up to tender stroking.

The massage begins with hands and feet and refers then also each area of the body. Thus opens the space for confidence and devotion.

The Tantra contains „Body to Body massage“.

60 minutes 100 €
75 minutes 120 €
90 minutes 150 €

Spanish Massage
Special variety of the erotism. With one „Body tons of Body massage“, can do you during a bosom relaxation, which experience height of the ecstasy.
30 minutes 60 €
45 minutes 80 €
60 minutes 100 €

Intimate shave Massage
Intimate shave exist for quite some time. There should be tribes in Africa who shave completely, so that they differ significantly from the animals! Get with a "body to body massage" the intimate hair removal (wet shaving). 
30 minutes 60 €
45 minutes 80 €
60 minutes 100 €

Lingam Massage
To re-experience the power of male sexuality, physically, energetic and spiritual!
All the genital area including the lingam is massed with skillful tender contacts and stroked in gentlest way.

Discover your male sexual power... 

30 minutes 60 €
45 minutes 80 €
60 minutes 100 €

Touch Massage
Massage and massage and pamper yourself. Mutual massage experience.

30 minutes 60 €
45 minutes 80 €
60 minutes 100 €

Lingerie Massage
Crackling erotic for dressing & taking off..!
Dip into the world of the erotic lingerie. Whether hold-up stockings, string, Corsage, or High Heels, we seduce you with sexy lingerie ….. 

30 minutes 60 €
45 minutes 80 €
60 minutes 100 €

Prostate Massage
With a „Body to Body massage“ the Anus is also stimulated. The prostate massage begins with a gentle massage of the rosette. Slowly and with large sensitivity the prostate is massed both from the inside and from the outside at the Perineum. Experience your climax completely safe, hygienically with finger and hand. 
30 minutes 70 €
45 minutes 90 €
60 minutes 110 €

Foam Massage 
Experience a special kind of the relaxation.
We invite cordially to a foam bath with relaxation music and smell candles with a lady of your choice.

The foam massage contains also „Body to Body massage“.

30 minutes 80 €
45 minutes 100 €
60 minutes 120 €

Foot erotic 
For foot fetish lovers …

30 minutes 60 €
45 minutes 80 €
60 minutes 100 €

Captivate meeting 
Whether sexy stay up stockings, tights, thong, High Heels…..

Whether blindfolded, hands, or bound on a chair…..

Whether with hands, feet, breasts, butt, or tingling refreshment with ice cubes…..

We fulfill your most intimate desires.

You will enjoy guaranteed to be delivered to us in order to enjoy the most unusual erotic climax of your life with all your senses, we ensure it.   

30 minutes  60 € (with 1 girl)
45 minutes  90 € (with 1 girl)
60 minutes 110 € (with 1 girl)

30 minutes  105 € (with 2 girls)
45 minutes  120 € (with 2 girls)
60 minutes 135 € (with 2 girls)

Bizzare Massage 
Whip, bondage, candle wax ... Do you prefer it more bizarre? Please talk to us and let us know your imaginations and wishes. Perhaps they indeed will become real soon..

30 minutes 100 €
45 minutes 130 €
60 minutes 150 €

4 Hand Massage
Let kidnap you from two ladies of your choice into empire of the senses.
30 minutes 90 €
45 minutes 105 €
60 minutes 120 €

Pair Massage 
visit us with your partner (female /male).

60 minutes 150 € (with 1 girl)
60 minutes 180 € (with 2 girls)

4 for 1 Massage 
Two ladies will sweeten you the time. (no 4 hand massage)

You get 2 ladies (successively) and 2 different massages. Whether Body to Body, Spanish, intimate shave or prostate massage, or lingam massage…..

You can decide alternatively two different massages from two different ladies successively.

60 minutes 120 €
90 minutes 160 €

To Go 
Enjoy a relaxation (Handjob) with the lady of your choice. You experience guaranteed the hottest relaxation, since relaxations exist!

 40 €

Shower To go 
Shower together with Happyend.
15 minutes 50 € (with 1 girl)
15 minutes 60 € (with 2 girls)